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Custom Liquid Library

Custom Liquid Library

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less than 50p per liquid and going down

→ Lifetime access

→ Regular updates

→ Noticeable increase in CVR

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What is this?

This offers valuable additions to your Shopify store, suitable for beginners and industry leaders. These custom liquids are designed to enhance your store's look, potentially increasing customer conversion rates.

How do I use it?

Just two clicks, you can copy the code from our library, add a custom liquid block to your store, and paste it in. It's that easy!

How will these benefit me?

Tailor your store with liquids that best suit your needs. Experience potential increases in conversion rates and average order values by leveraging liquids related to scarcity, urgency, and gift stacking.

How much will I get from this?

Priced at £10 for the first 50 users, you'll receive lifetime access, priority access to new additions, and updates. With each liquid priced at around 40p (compared to some stores charging £10+), I've tried to make this library a no-brainer for you.

What else is included?

  • CRO Checklist PDF
  • Lifetime access to the Custom Liquid Library
  • A Discord for networking and learning in ecom

Will it be updated?

Our library receives regular updates with new custom liquids, ensuring fresh and relevant options for your store.

How long will I have to wait?

Instant access is granted upon subscription, allowing you to start utilizing our custom liquids immediately.

How long will I have access?

Enjoy uninterrupted access to our custom liquid library indefinitely.

How do I add them?

Adding our custom liquids to your store is a breeze. Copy the code, add a custom liquid block, paste the code, and you're done!

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What if I don't like it?

The best part of these custom liquids is that they are entirely editable.

If you don't like these, they can be edited to suit you more - just ask GPT to change the code to suit your brand more and that's it!

PS. If you don't like these, feel free to suggest some new ones on X or Discord - i'll be adding more from here!

Is it a one-time payment?

Yup. No hidden fees or dumb subscriptions.

When do I receive it?

Instantly. When you purchase you get an email with the link!

Does it work?

We've had many messages that these not only work - they work much better than expected.

I can't outright say that this will increase your conversion rate because there are many variables at play - but a lot of our users have seen positive, noticeable increases!

How many are there?

Currently, there are 20 (which makes it 50p per liquid) but I plan to regularly add more so that we can get to 50+.

At £10, that makes it around 20p per liquid ~ other apps or library's charge $10 PER LIQUID